Prison art


An interesting exhibition elaborating evolving relationship between pervasive computing and urban architecture will presented in September 2009. Through internet, it is possible to work out of the office and still get connected with person in the same office. This new relationship can save transportation fees, and give opportunities to conduct several work in the same time. To success, some details are needed. For instance, what kind of job can conducted remote? What kind of simulation can replace use of the lab? How can the boss control his/her employee when they are working remote? How the relation change between parents and their children; boss and their employee? And how can information technology change our perception on spatial?


From my experience, I found differences between person who spent a lot of their time in front of the computer and person who rely his interaction directly. With the first person, it is easy to communicate and dialog through medium i.e: handphone or email, while with the second person, the medium failed to work since he is not use to. He feel awkward to share his ideas with a technology.Beside habbit, there also a bigger issue beyond, how can the medium change people relation? If in the old times you express your feelings through geture, now you express it by using an emoticon. Do we loose something in this change?


Rather interact directly an speak up your thought directly, it is common to comment on FB status. I think this is kind ofa new addiction.

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