Prison art

The Phantom Horseman,1870-93 by Sir John Gilbert (d.1897)

A Glance At What Art Is

Every individual has a talent that they want to showcase and are proud of. At least one thing that a person likes doing, and it can be cooking, gardening, reading, painting, writing etc. Every activity is an art that puts in their heart and mind into creating something magical and presenting it in front of the world. In simpler words, art is something creative that allows an individual to put in their concepts, ideas and emotional power into building something that expresses proficiency and is interactive. An even broader definition includes theatre, performing arts, dance, music, films, literature and interactive media. Different periods have a different form of art, with each being creative and aesthetic of its own. To help support your hobbies and passion, you might want to look into playing บาคาร่า online.

Some famous arts

A few of the most famous arts exhibited in art fairs, and museums are:

  • Starry night: the starry night is a piece of art by Van Gogh recognized in the whole world and is available everywhere. It is printed on almost every mug, cups, shirts etc., and the fame is exceeding with each passing day. The strokes of the brush created magic and made everyone believe that it is timeless and eternal. The painting is divided into three parts; the sky is the most divine and unreal part of the painting beyond the comprehension of human and out of reach. Next, the hills and trees bend and swirl and have soft swirls of the sky as well. The final and last part is the village that is sharp and divides the rest of the painting; in other words, separating it from the heavens.
  • Mona Lisa: it is a portrait painting of half-length made by Leonardo Da Vinci and is among the archetypal masterpieces of the Italian renaissance period. It is the most sung, highly written about and parodied work all over the world. The subject of the painting includes enigmatic expressions, monumentality, subtle forms of modelling, and illusionism. 
  • Les Demoiselles Davignon: an oil painting created back in 1907 by Pablo Picasso and is a permanent piece in the Museum of Art. It portrays prostitutes in a brothel on a busy Barcelona street. Every figure depicts an aggressive manner that is feminine and disconcerting. The women are menacing and render angular, disjointed body figures and shapes. The dress towards the left belongs to women of Egypt or south Asia, while the adjacent ones show the Iberian style that is the native of Spain. 

What is the purpose of art?

There is a diverse purpose that defines art. It is the expressed art in its true form and depicts today’s culture by articulating a set of ideas that define a particular part of society. The true human mind and spirit is expressed and keeps an individual content for a long time. Besides, it is also a mode of communication that expresses the truth of the experience. Art is also the best way to express the emotions and feelings of someone.  Thus, art plays a major role that recognizes an individual and their true identity for them to stand in front of society.

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