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Know About The Different Dance Performances Around The World

Dance- there are so many emotions attached with just one word. The value of dance as an art form in today’s world has reached its highest peak. It is another such artform where you can enjoy freedom and express yourself knowing no bounds or restrictions. People enjoy dancing, and there is not one mood that they like to express through this artform. The fascinating thing about this art form is that people can feel anything and everything through their dance performances. 

Dance as a creative art form

People do not necessarily have to know dancing or take lessons to perform something on their own. There are so many new concepts and images that can be evoked only through dancing. This art form has storytelling, cultural, and recreational qualities. People think that dancing needs to be associated with another art form, music, to be complete and fulfilled. 

However, it is definitely not the case. One can display the finest dance performance even without the requirement of any music. Dancing only requires a few movements and the most wonderful expressions. When you dance, your entire body makes certain movements to make it more presentable and expressive. Most importantly, this artform most definitely has a creative reflection that is louder than any music. 

Popular Dance forms around the world

There are plenty of different dance forms across the globe. All these dance forms are unique and special in themselves. The only things that they require are body movements and expressions. Though these dance forms require the same things, they belong to different countries and regions. So, they are different from one another in terms of culture, language, region, and stylization. Some of these popular dance forms include: 

●      Bharatnatyam(India)

●      Kathak(India)

●      Salsa(Cuba)

●      Samba(Brazil)

●      Ballet(Russia)

●      Tango(Argentina)

●      Kabuki(Japanese)

●      Odissi(India)

●      Waltz(Austria)

●      Contemporary(United Nations)

●      Belly dancing(Middle East)

●      Broadway(NYC)

●      Paso Doble(Spanish)

●      Ballroom(France)

Learn & explore different dance forms

Given above are just a few dance forms that you might have watched or learned yourself belonging to different countries. However, this list goes on. This is not even half the dance forms that you can find available all over the world. There are countless dance forms that you do not know of and not even have the slightest idea that they ever existed. 

In fact, there are many regional and folk dance forms of which not many people are aware. Millions of people travel hundreds and thousands of miles either in search of these dance forms or explore them. This way, they get to learn more about these dance forms as well as the cultural importance of the countries they belong to. The more you learn about these forms, the more spellbound you will be. You can also enjoy the specific dance form by learning it for your own knowledge and amusement.  

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